Meet Todd Rokita

Todd Rokita is an experienced attorney and proven public servant who will protect us from crime, fight lawlessness in our streets, uphold the rule of law, defend – not de-fund – our men and women in law enforcement, and stand behind our Constitutional rights here in Indiana and our nation .

Serving as Indiana’s twice-elected Secretary of State and a Member of Congress, Todd Rokita always put Hoosiers first. A lifelong Indiana resident, an active father and husband, Todd believes in giving back to our communities.

Todd Rokita Stands for Improving Indiana Lending System

Statistics show that more than 1.2 million payday loans were made in Indiana in 2018. Todd Rokita thinks it indicates the need for accessible personal loans in Indiana that will bridge this gap between strict credit score requirements and unfavorable loan terms. Mr. Rokita believes Indiana residents deserve a better financial future no matter their credit scores. He aims to improve the state’s lending system by adopting some positive legislative changes. Todd stands for creating borrowing options with flexible minimum repayment periods and interest rate caps of 35.99%.

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